A little comic based on an apocryphal tale courtesy of Mister Keaton himself, although Houdini could not be called for comment. I took some artistic liberties, sure. Supposedly he was six months old when this happened. He’s a toddler here just for the sake of clarity.

I like the way families embellish stories over time, I had a grandfather who as a bomber pilot was shot down in a raid over Berlin and held in a POW camp in Berth Germany. I’m working on archiving his journals from his time there now. Certainly the stories my father has told me about him have also become somewhat apocryphal. It’ll be interesting to see how my grandfather’s actual accounts of things will line up with my father’s stories. 

One more thing, the symbols around Keaton’s corona are the clubs from Italian playing cards. I found out that clubs can be taken as a symbol for the Zanni type from the Commedia dell’Arte, because he uses a batte or a slapstick. Clubs are a useful object, they can be both a weapon or a tool, so I appropriated it here for Keaton. 

Recent edit: The border around the corona now reads Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton