Here’s some artists from Comic Fest artist alley who contributed to my convention sketchbook - celebrating Harold Lloyd’s 120th birthday. Here’s a little info about these talented people!

From left to right - top to bottom:

 L.W. Marks, creator of Tattered and artist of Jazu the Wanderer. On Tumblr. 

Angeline Mauri, creator/artist of Devil’s Cake. On Tumblr.

Denise Schroeder, creator/artist of Conquest. On Tumblr.

Jessi Jordon, artist of The Class. On Tumblr.

Andy Moore, creator of Don’t Panic!. On Tumblr.

Jake Roth is a comic artist and you can find out more about him at Squid Works. 

Ryan Davis is a comic writer and artist at

Joe Oliver is a comic artist, see more of his work at

Jon Alex Brown is a comic artist at Rabid Concepts Studios

Nate Hamel is a comic artist, teacher, and entrepreneur, more to see at